Our story

Ta’moosh is an all-new range of frozen gourmet Ready-To-Eat Halal dishes that cater to the UAE’s diverse consumers & their busy lifestyle needs for high quality and??tasty food, which can be ready in a matter of minutes – simply heat & eat. Ta’moosh dishes are slow-cooked to perfection using Michelin-star chef’s sous-vide cooking techniques to ensure succulent, evenly cooked & flavoured food, while maintaining maximum nutrient values. You can find Ta’moosh in the frozen foods section across leading supermarkets in the UAE.
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Gourmet Meals Made Convenient

Ta’moosh delivers the goodness of gourmet meals in the comfort of your home.

Authenticity Meets Modernity

Ta’moosh offers authentic meals in modern, quality-controlled packaging for longer lasting freshness and taste.

World Best Cooking Technology & Processes

Ta’moosh is the only retail brand in the UAE to implement sous-vide cooking technology.

Halal Quality Offerings

Ta’moosh uses only 100% genuine halal poultry and meat in addition to premium quality sourced ingredients.

About Us

People in the country, and the world over, are always on the go, moving from one errand / responsibility to the other. In this day and age of modernity and fast-paced living, convenience is key. Brands that make lives easier and much more convenient are usually the ones to succeed. Convenience is a key commodity in all aspects of everyday living.

Food is one such aspect that in the hustle and bustle of fast-paced living is compromised on. People want to enjoy a great tasting gourmet meal, but don’t have the time to either cook one or grab one. This is evident in the over 25% growth in demand for quick, ready-to-eat meals between 2010 and 2015 in the UAE.

Those that do manage to squeeze in time for a gourmet meal, head to restaurants to pay exorbitant prices for a fraction of the meal they’d serve themselves at home.

Ta’moosh is a convenient solution to the need for authentic gourmet meals that are available on the go, and can be prepared in a matter of minutes. The wide variety of frozen dishes from around the world are available at major hypermarkets and retail outlets.

Real gourmet meals have long been enjoyed at gourmet restaurants only. For some, it’s a luxury experienced once every??two weeks, or a month even, for obvious cost and lack of time factors.

Ta’moosh brings the goodness of gourmet food to people at a fraction of the price. The ready-to-eat??dishes??can be stored in freezers??at home and just need to be heated for a matter of minutes.

The range of dishes??offered carry the authentic taste of the cuisine they belong to, and are packaged in premium boxes and packs for easy storage, longer-lasting freshness and retaining of taste.

So when you do pick up a Ta’moosh Chicken Mandi, you can rest assured that it will taste exactly like the dish served in gourmet restaurants in Yemen; and the Butter Chicken tastes exactly like it should at five-star gourmet Indian restaurants.

Ta’moosh utilizes only the best processes and ingredients to create its range of gourmet dishes.

Each dish??is made using the freshest of ingredients from Halal certified suppliers. Each ingredient is measured accurately down to the last grain to ensure authentic and consistent taste; even the case with salt and pepper.

The production employs the use of sous-vide technology, a method of slow cooking where food is sealed in airtight bags and cooked over time aiming to ensure that the moisture is retained within food and it’s cooked to perfection on the inside as well as the outside. The result: succulent, evenly cooked and flavoured food that maintain the maximum level of nutrients in every dish.

The technology has been implemented only by a select few Michelin-star master chefs around the world. Ta’moosh is the only retail brand in the UAE to implement the sous-vide technology and method of cooking.

While functioning in the region, with strong roots at home base in Dubai, UAE, it is no surprise that Ta’moosh meals are 100 per cent genuine halal.

Moreover, our network of suppliers have gone through a stringent selection process to ensure that each Ta’moosh meal is only made using the best ingredients.